Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Today I reached "Lifetime" at Weight Watchers.  I have been working toward this for the past 14 months. Looking back at my weight, I could have been done with this back in April.  In fact, I weigh only one pound less than I did in April, which is kind of funny to think about.

But the winter months are always easier for me. Life is more routine, scheduled, less social, and there seems to be more time to plan my eating and exercise. Summer is more hectic. We go to our cottage most weekends, and it always seems to be a "we're on vacation!" attitude.  It's not good to bring chips or treats every weekend!  More socializing, more cocktails, more s'smores.

Before I started WW, I took Glamour magazine's "Happy Weight" quiz online. My happy weight was 145.  Whoa! I thought.  I want to be in the 130s. You know, like I was in my early to mid twenties.  Before residency. Before children.

Weight loss wasn't difficult, but it takes time, planning and commitment. I readjusted my goal to 140.  Then I hit a plateau in March, 6 months after starting.  Stuck in the low 140s. Eat less, then eat more. Did not work. I was also increasing my running at this time, and wanted to be sure to fuel adequately.

It seemed like no matter what I did, I could not get to 140.  I got a little sloppy over the summer with portions and choices.  I gained a little weight, then easily dropped back down to 143. To stay.

So I started to think about this. What is 3 pounds more? Can anyone notice? Would I notice? If it is so hard to get to 140, how hard will it be to stay at 140? So I chose 143. And today I am 142.

This is MY happy weight. I have a normal BMI. I have more energy.  My physical fitness level has not been this good for a long time. Maybe ever!  I am just a couple of years away from 40, and my body has carried and birthed two children. It's never going back to where it was in my 20s!

Do I regret continuing as a paying WW member for the past 9 months? No. I really don't. It was 9 more months to focus on good choices, portion control, and understanding my  hunger cues (fatigue and stress).  This was not a diet.  It was a lifestyle change, and the more you do something, the easier it gets.

Well, I am headed to the TM in the dingy ol' basement to bang out 3.5 miles. Yeah. It's 10 pm. What am I thinking??!!  Have a good night!

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Deanna - The Unnatural Mother said...

Congrats! Awesome accomplishment!!