Thursday, April 26, 2007

Bad Breath

I had a professor in college with the worst coffee breath ever. The man stunk like a hot old pot o' coffee. Drove me nuts....but I wonder to myself, do I smell like that?

I love a cup of morning coffee. I admit, I am a bit of a coffee snob. My home coffee maker does not satisfy my coffee tastes. Perhaps it is not the coffee maker, but the person who makes the coffee. My husband makes coffee every day, and it tastes like bitter swill. My coffee doesn't have to be Starbucks (at $4 per latte, I cannot justify that everyday), but even the big coffee pot at work is better. The best is the neighborhood bakery/restuarant, City Market, with it's delicious "Velvet Hammer." It's stong and smooth and, boy, can it make me happy!

So, to my little patients, do I have stinky coffee breath? I hope not. I try not to breathe right in their faces, just in case.

When I was a 4th year med student doing a rotation in opthalmology, a patient did offer me an Altoid once. I do believe it was after a tuna sandwich for lunch. How embarassing! but maybe not as embarassing as the time I drooled on a patient. That's a story for another day.....

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