Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I'm NOT perfect!


I am using this space to chronicle my adventures as a full time mother and pediatrician. The most important part of my life is the MOTHER part. Because my family needs to eat, have a place to live, and to pay off my student loans, I need to work. I love my job as a pediatrician most days. I especially love my very own patients...watching them grow from little teeny babies to toddler monsters to sassy teenagers.

The two loves of my life are T., boy, age 4, and C., girl, age 22 months. Our family is completed by my husband, J. and our dog, Cephus.

Besides treating ear infections, constipation, etc. and seeing kids for well checks, peds run a lot of interference with behavior concerns, sleep problems, and discussing normal developmental changes and expectations. I have learned a lot and read a lot about these topics. Perhaps I could even be considered an expert in these areas (if you do something one hour every day for 5 years, aren't you considered an expert?!?)....but I AM NOT PERFECT! I deal with the same problems at home as everyone else with my kids.

And so here is the story of our often humorous adventures ...

Oops...I just realized I spelled perfect incorrectly in the title and I can't figure out how to change it!

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